Books by Karen Grosz

I write because I can't talk with everyone! My intent is for my stories to encourage people to:

Ask themselves, "What's Next?" and then live their next!

And to become the best version of themselves as a leader in "Quiet Leadership."

I am humbled you have read these words and hopeful my books and my speaking engagements will encourage you to live forward into your best life.

What's Next?

Is your life changing and you want to make the most of that change? Are you tired of being in a rut and looking for your next adventure, your next opportuinty to grow? This book is like an honest friend encouraging you to move forward, to set significant goals and achieve them. The author, who went from painfully shy to an award-winning speaker, asks you to take a hard look at why you are stuck and gives you concrete examples of how you can move into your next.

Karen Grosz has embraced life, from 25 years in Alaska to owning multiple businesses, the stories she tells in "What's Next?" will leave you anxious to move from here to there, to grasp your next. Get a cup of tea and get ready to answer for yourself and the world, "What's Next?"

Quiet Leadership

I have spent over 25 years watching people grow into leaders and leaders grow into themselves, and I always love the moment when this happens, when the leader grows quiet, their followers lean in, and careful, quiet wisdom finds its way into the room.

I have never been one to lead a riot, that kind of noise can be effective. Still, for me, for my heart, I feel it is not in the cacophony of a riot, but in the stillness of true conversation, in the small spaces left for silence, that leadership grasps hold, that movements are made, and changes catalyzed.

Give me peaceful, almost whispered moments, and I am all ears. I can hear a leader’s heart when they whisper, and I can feel the tides turn as they speak a truth so loud it can only be heard if you want to hear it. Quiet Leadership.


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