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"You can't be a good writer if you are not reader." ~Laura Harbolt

I LOVE to read and I LIVE to write. Thank you for helping me to do both, Laura.

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Recently, I asked some childhood classmates who their favorite teacher was. Wouldn't you know that over half of them listed the teacher I hated! I know, that seems like a harsh word, but she screamed at my ineptitude, asked me questions I simply could not answer, and while my classmates listened from their desks, had a yelling fit in the hallway when my mom tried to defend my honor.

Her class was my hell.

And, it was the class that was the most important to my life; High School English. I didn't flunk, but I sure as heck didn't grasp much of it. Stress brain is not conducive to learning.

I imagine now what that teacher would think if she saw the words fly out of my keyboard, the praises they raise, the typos, grammatical errors, the love. I'd like to say I have softened in my opinion of her, but I have not. I hear her critical voice, and hope no other child hears one like it. 

Yet, I do I honor her for being a woman so many of my friends admired. Surely they can't all be wrong.

I tell you all of this so you know that my writing is a wonder to me, and something I hope you will enjoy, even if you must skip over the errors to find the point of it all.


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This book is like an honest friend and a life coach who both want you to move forward.  It has tips and tricks for moving from here to there and stories to show you that it can be done!  

You can achieve your Next.  

Written in a friendly, simple manner, this book has become a favorite of men from 35-60, which I didn't really expect, as well as women who are ready to grow, which, I did expect.  : ) 





  I thought I knew him, the man I lived with and loved for 38 years.   Turned out, I didn't.  

I still like him, but it took a fall with Jesus to learn about him.   We wrote this book together, and hope that you enjoy it.



Here's the deal, this book is my first, and has tons of good info, info I use every day.  The problem is the editing.  It's not great.  I've considered re-working the book, but I am not going to get it done., because I am moving forward not backward.    

If you can forgive the errors (many have) I will send you the e-book for free!

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