Karen Grosz

I remember the day, as a young adult, sitting in a workshop for the daycare center where I worked, hearing the speaker say, "you will continue learning your whole life."   My head and heart about exploded.   I was so excited to hear this!   I did not have to be stuck.  I did not have to live a life of limits I did not deserve.  I could be more.  

And, so, I began to live my Nexts.  I didn't really feel worthy of being a goal setter, that came much later, but I became a voracious learner, everything from bookkeeping to quilting.  I took classes, read books, asked questions and did what I do best, tried to figure things out.   I started businesses, worked for employers that were both good and bad, and lived a life of fun, but never quite enough with my husband, Paul; so I started chasing Nexts.... and growth...and the opportunity to give back.    

My Nexts include:

House Cleaning



Car Sales

Direct Sales  

Sales Trainer

Leadership Student

Certified Professional Coach

Ceramic Studio Co-Owner

insurance salesperson for just long enough to know I'd rather coach again

Founder of Canvas Creek

Author- What's Your Excuse, What's Next, Seasoned

Founder "I'll Help" -Billings

Founding Team - 100 Strong

Board Member of several organizations.  

When I watched the TED talk by Emily Wapnick, I finally had a name for my career---Multipotentialite.  Just like watching the speaker, earlier in my life, I felt a moment of clarity and joy.   

I have done many things, but what runs through all of them is helping others.   Encouraging them.  Cheering them.  Inspiring them to be their very best, as part of a team or individually.   That is why I built this blog; so I could tell you, and show you and inspire you to move forward, 

You are worth every effort it will take to get your Next.  

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