I remember the day, as a young adult, sitting in a workshop for the daycare center where I worked, hearing the speaker say, "you will continue learning your whole life."  My head and heart about exploded.  I was so excited to hear this!  I did not have to be stuck. I did not have to live a life of limits I did not deserve. I could be more. You may have known you could learn all of your life, but I was told, by a teacher I had had in 4 grades, that I was too stupid to go to college, to contribute. So, those words were like a lifejacket for me.  

And, so, I began to live my Nexts. I didn't really feel worthy of being a goal setter, that came much later, but I became a voracious learner, everything from bookkeeping to quilting. I took classes, read books, asked questions and did what I do best, tried to figure things out.  I started businesses, worked for employers that were both good and bad, and lived a life of fun, but never quite enough with my husband, Paul; so I started chasing Nexts.... and growth...and the opportunity to give back.  

My Nexts include:

  • House Cleaning
  • Daycare
  • Toastmasters
  • Car Sales
  • Direct Sales 
  • Sales Trainer
  • Leadership Student
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Ceramic Studio Co-Owner
  • Insurance salesperson for just long enough to know I'd rather coach again
  • Founder of Canvas Creek
  • Author - What's Your Excuse, What's Next, Seasoned, Quiet Leadership
  • Founder "I'll Help" - Billings
  • Founding Team - 100 Strong
  • Board Member of several organizations.  

Why I built this business?

When I watched the TED talk by Emily Wapnick, I finally had a name for my career Multipotentialite. Just like watching the speaker, earlier in my life, I felt a moment of clarity and joy.  

I have done many things, but what runs through all of them is helping others.  Encouraging them. Cheering them. Inspiring them to be their very best, as part of a team or individually.  That is why I built this business; so I can help you, and coach you and inspire you to move forward. You are worth every effort it will take to get your Next.  

Book Karen

Let's do big things! And have fun while we're at it.

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Team Building

Business Strategy


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