Your Next!



Do you see the words in that painting, The World is Your Canvas? They were written by a 7 year old boy.  


Remember how you felt about life when you were seven? It was a canvas and you were excited to fill it with color, adventure, possibilities.  

Just for today, try to be that again. Seven. Full of wonder and hope and energy.  Look around, like you are seven. How do you want to fill your canvas?  

Do it.  

I promise, you will not regret the things you tried, only the things you didn't.  You won't lament the failures as long as they compel you closer to the next goal.  Moving towards your Next, and the one after that, will help you to feel more alive and to become more you!  

Your Next is waiting.  

Step towards it, and let me know if I can help you on the journey.  


What's Next?

Tell me your Next, I'd love to know!

Your Next! Get It!