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Getting YOUR Next


Are you held back by fear, family or finances?  

I call those the BIG F's.


And, my friend, here is what I think you should say to them.  "Fine." 

Not, "Eff you," like you thought I might suggest.


Just, "fine you great big pile of Fs. You are what you are and I am going to be what I am going to be, whether you like it or not! I have a few Fs of my own, you know!


I am going to be Fit, I am going to be Fat, I am going to be Fabulous, Flirtatious, Famous! I am going to be Fun, Free, and I am going to figure out how to make it past you Fs that keep me down! I am on Fire for life and I am going to be just Fine as I get my Next!


I am going to move from this day to the next. I am going to touch and taste and smell and learn and I am going to LOVE everything that life has to give me! I am going to get my NEXT!"

That's what I think you should say, or something like it, choose your words, but get a little attitude and get your Next, by damn!


Crushing the Three Fs


5 Tips for Conquering Fear

  1. Practice being scared.  Really!   So something every single day (okay, at least once a week) that scares you.   The more often you push your limits, the further your limits become.  
  2. Take a deep breath.  What is the very worst thing that could happen?       What would you do if it did happen?  How likely is that to actually happen? This practice will help you to feel better. 
  3. Pick a worry date.  Instead of worrying about every single thing, every      single day, choose a date that you will worry about A.  A day you will worry about B, and while you are at it, one for C, too.  Each time they pop into your brain bat them back with a firm reminder you will worry about them on such and such a date. 
  4. I like to have a board of directors for each of my endeavors. I talk about      this in "What's Next?".    Having people to help with the decisions will make you feel better! 
  5. Lean into your fear.  There is a reason it scares you.   Do you need to deal with it?  Do you need to plow through?  Honor your fear and you will grow as it diminishes.   

5 Tips for Nexting with Family

They're creepy and their kooky, they may even be a little spooky but the fact of the matter is your friends and family have your best interests at heart.  Especially if you like to stay right there beside them, never leaving the nest, never rocking the boat, not questioning the status quo.  In most cases family and friends want to protect you. They also want to keep you close.  Here are my favorite family tips:

  1. Involve them!  Tell them how they can support you. Ask them for the things you need.  People who care about you and your growth want to help. Let them.     
  2. Tell them that while you may change, and your time usage may have new      priorities, your love for them is not in question.  That is what they are worried about, that the new you might find a replacement for them.  You won't. They need to know that.
  3. Answer this. Are they trying to protect me, or are they trying to protect      themselves? The answer will tell you a lot about the solution. If they are protecting you, thank them for their concern and explain your exit strategy, your safety net, or why you are all in.  If they are protecting themselves, assess for yourself if the concern is legitimate, If they do need you to stay beside them, for the time being. 
  4. Get a Goal Jar. This is especially important if you are doing something like direct sales work. Each time you leave the house, put a predetermined amount of money in the jar.  At the end of the week, (month, year, whatever is appropriate) decide as a family how to spend the money.  
  5. Set hours that you will NOT be Nexting. Hours you will focus on them, not      your goal. Post these times and adhere to them! 

5 Tips for Finances

  1. It is just money.  You will make more.
  2. Contact your Small Business Development Center.  They will help you with      every aspect of your money decisions when starting a business.
  3. Avoid, if you can, borrowing money from family and friends.  I puts unneeded      pressure on the relationship. 
  4. If you loan family or friends money, consider it a gift, and let it go. If they pay you back, it should be considered a happy moment.  (Also.  ALWAYS pay back your loans!)  
  5. Get an accountant.  A good one.  They know you things you don't.  
  6. BONUS!  Always, always always understand YOUR money.   Your accountant,      bookkeeper, banker, etc should always answer to you- not you to them.  

There are as many tips, worries, and pitfalls around finances as there are hours in the day.  My best advice is to relax.  If you have the best idea in the world, the money will flow.  If you lose all of your money, you will find more.   It is all going to be okay.   Schedule a coaching call.