Speaking Engagements

They say, great speakers never turn their back to the audience or share the stage.... uh, oh!

Uh, Oh!

They say, great speakers never turn their back to the audience or share the stage.... uh, oh!  I am all about energy, audience interaction, and being friends with the people you hope to inspire.  If they like a little after lunch nap, don't schedule me at 1pm.    ~Karen

A recent audience member sent this:     

"You're sneakily straight-forward. All of a sudden the story your telling has made your point...and you're entertaining...and, dare I say it?...inspirational. (I smile as I type this.)"~ Joe

What's Next?

Based on moving forward, and my book, What's Next, I tell my story that includes bootstraps and one goal after the next to inspire your people to get busy getting where they want to go! 

During this presentation they will set their RIGHT goal and get started moving towards it.    

Especially helpful to sales people, recruiters and other goal getters. 

"Thank you for making me look at my goals in this manner.  I feel like I can achieve them." ~Kelley

Tuna Cans and People

This light-hearted look at life and people gives your audience a new way to look at getting along and getting ahead.  

"That was hilarious- and I actually wrote down two of your quotes." ~Dan

I AM A Rotarian

Best for Rotary events like PETS and District Conferences, this speech, which tells my lifelong Rotary journey,  will have your audience on their feet, dancing, even if they don't dance.  This speech, I am a Rotarian, always gets a standing ovation with the audience proud to say,  "I AM A ROTARIAN!".  

The last time I gave this speech, a participant joined the line of people giving me hugs and high fives to tell me I was filled with ethous.   I took it as a high compliment.    

 The word enthusiasm indicates intense excitement. The noun enthusiasm comes from the Greek word enthousiasmos, from enthous, meaning “possessed by a god, inspired.” 

I Can Do That!

Fitness for the rest of us.  This interactive event helps your  participants to commit to being fit---even if fit does not mean marathons and smoothies for breakfast.  They will choose what they want and close by saying "I Can Do That!" 

"I am going for a walk." ~Thadeus

Custom Speaking Engagements

I hang out with your people, figure out their story and tell it on the stage.  Humor, insights and a "go get 'em" attitude run through this speech.