What Do You Do?

I get asked this a lot, because I do a LOT of things.   It's not that I can't niche- I don't want to niche!  I have worked with Walmart, and local entrepreneurs, start ups and teams running full tilt.  I love the challenge and work HARD for each team.  

So, what do I do?  I  inspire, and coach, and give teams space to connect and grow.  I love to speak, and write, and I cobble out a living by doing all of these things, while still taking time to live the good life. 

I am a certified coach, a lifelong learner, and pro figure-it-outer, and I am never the smartest person in the room.  I just set up the room so the smart people can have amazing, creative experiences.   

To schedule time to talk about your team, or your coaching needs, click the button.   

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Team Building


This is my "thing," my whole life come full circle, every lesson, every person led to the creation of this AMAZING process.   

The Website

The TEDX talk



From Goal Setting to Getting Along, I love to inspire an audience with activities and passion.   If your audience likes to sit or nap during a speech, I am probably not the one for you.   

Let's Speak about Speaking 



thinktank thinking + workshop learning = Thinkshops

These custom events give your team, or community, space and tools to think through things and come up with the best possible solution.  




Getting from here to there, from stuck to goal getting, that is what I LIVE to help people do!   When I was trying to move forward I wanted a coach, but yikes they were SOOO expensive!   So, part of "giving back" is offering a few $100 coaching calls each week.  These are calls designed to move the average person forward.  And, YES, we can do an expensive program, but you probably just need one call..... let's talk! 

Buy a Book


There is an incredible sense of satisfaction when you hit submit with your first book.   There is even more when your book, like What's Next, becomes a thing.   Writing a book for my spouse, well, that was the most fun ever!  

What's Next 


Collaborations and Consultations


I LOVE to help other coaches and trainers deliver power filled events.   Let's chat to see if I am a good fit for your next event.  Schedule